Key Issues

Ward 2 residents have an opportunity to influence how the City addresses key issues over the next four years. I’m dedicated to making sure each resident feels heard. Passionate about something I don’t touch on below? Send me an email.

Growth & Development

Growth and development in Louisville and surrounding areas have brought important benefits and improved quality of life to Louisville citizens. Other aspects such as higher housing costs, increased road traffic, and aircraft noise deserve consideration and new planning to reduce their impact on residential and commercial interests.

Parks, Open Space and Recreation

Our new Recreation/Senior Center, newly improved golf course and abundant open spaces are important amenities of great value to Louisville residents. Proper marketing, fair use policies, and timely improvements and maintenance will optimize their use and preserve their value. Of special note are our dog runs and dog parks which need careful and consistent management for our furry friends.

Our Economy

Louisville businesses bring prestige, customers, residents and valuable income to our city. Main Street, McCaslin Corridor and Tech Center are prominent business centers with ongoing growth and development. Thoughtful leadership and forward thinking policies from Council and staff will sustain a vibrant business community in Louisville.

Our Culture

Louisville has a great culture that derives from its long and sometimes colorful history beginning as a coal mining center. Our residents and visitors are strongly attracted to our culture that emphasizes community spirit and cooperation, and investments in support of the average citizen and family and business life. Our culture includes our businesses, restaurants, schools, museum, library, parades, Farmer’ Markets, Street Faires, Art Walks, movies, and more. We have a fabulous city. 


Developing a sustainable infrastructure is a key component of our economic resilience in the face of changes in energy sources and climate. Louisville has made significant progress in reducing its carbon footprint with the city facilities reaching nearly 50% carbon neutrality through partnerships with Xcel Energy and investments in green buildings. Thoughtful leadership and forward thinking policies from Council and staff will increase sustainable development in the most economical and efficient ways.

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